The Spirit of Aloha

Aloha. A term generally associated with “Hello!” and “Goodbye!” Aloha also means love, compassion, kindness and grace. Its literal Hawaiian definition is “The presence of (Divine) breath.” It is taken from Alo = presence, front, or face and Hâ = breath.

Aloha! [ Ah loh’ hah!] – “Greetings!” Aloha `oe! [ah loh’ hah oe!] – May you be loved or greeted! Aloha kâua! [ah loh’ hah KAH’oo (w)ah!] – May there be friendship or love between us! In Hawaiian culture, the spirit of aloha goes well beyond a simple greeting. It is a way of life. As the Hawaiian Code of Conduct dictates: “We shall practice Aloha, the heritage from our ancestors, mindful of the virtues of akahai, lôkahi, `olu`olu, ha`aha`a, and ahonui.” These virtues of modesty, harmony, pleasantness, humility and patience reflect a wholesome lifestyle that embraces the Hawaiian connection of land, water and people. It is an essential bond that aligns good living with the natural bounty of the Hawaiian paradise. As they say in Hawaii, “Malama I kou kino e me kau olakino” …Take care of your body and your health. Enjoy!

Hawaiian Values

“Malama Pono” — To care for and do what’s right.

Hawaiians knew that living on islands requires balancing and integrating human needs with the limits of nature. This means holding the islands in good stewardship for future generations. Sustainability of all resources is a vital part of this. As an ambassador brand of Hawaii, Hawaiian Springs is honored to be part of this culture and endeavors to live by its values and philosophy in how we work, the products we make, and the people we serve.

Enjoy Hawaiian Springs and remember, “E kipa ana mai a mau loa aku” ..You are always welcome.

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