Hawaiian Springs 750mL 15 Count

$41.00 or $36.90 / month

This refreshing bottle fits conveniently into most car cup holders!

• 25.4 Fl. Oz. per bottle, 15 bottles per case.
• Natural Artesian Water
• Bottled at Keaʻau, Hawaiʻi
• BPA Free

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Hawaiʻi, the most isolated landmass on earth, is a paradise, where heavenly rainfall is naturally filtered through 13,000 feet of pristine lava rock, slowly gathering minerals and electrolytes that creates a water as soft and sweet as the Lehua blossom. Hawaiian artesian water collects in deep earth aquifers protected from external elements until it hits your lips. It has a naturally Alkaline pH of 7.7 and is a perfect balance of taste and minerals, ideal for hydrating your body.

Volcanic Filtration

Traveling downhill, the billions of gallons of pure rainwater that fall on Mauna Loa percolate through nature’s ideal filter—13,000 feet porous lava—for added purity. One of nature’s miracles, the porous lava acts like a sieve as it captures much of the rainfall, the balance returned to nature through evaporation or as run off into Hilo Bay.

The Taste of Paradise

Hawaiian Springs, Natural, Artesian Water is truly a miracle of nature. Bottled at the source on the Big Island of Hawaii, it brings the bounty of one of the world’s most remote eco-systems to discerning, health-minded consumers around the globe. 

Recently, a US Geological Survey concluded that the waters of Kea’au are among the purest in the world. Hawaiian Springs—proudly bottled at the source; one that is like no other on Earth.

Bottled on Hawai'i Island

Hawaiian Springs natural artesian water comes from deep earth aquifers within ancient lava rock on the slopes of Mauna Loa.

A Sustainable Resource

The Hawaiian Springs Kea’au aquifer has a recharge rate of 395 million gallons per day according to the State of Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management (2008).

Conservation Efforts

Hawaiian Springs donates a portion of its proceeds from bottled water sales to The Nature Conservancy each year in its effort to build awareness and support for the preservation of native Hawaiian endemic species.