Hawaiian Springs, Natural, Artesian Water is truly a miracle of nature. Bottled at the source on the Big Island of Hawaii, it brings the bounty of one of the world’s most remote eco-systems to discerning, health-minded consumers around the globe. 

The Hawaiian Island archipelago was formed millions of years ago and spans some 1,500 miles. It is the most isolated on earth, 2,400 miles from the nearest industrial landmass and is surrounded by 10 million square miles of ocean. Formed by volcanic activity, The Big Island is by far the youngest at 400,000 years old and the largest – bigger than all the others combined. It is home to the largest mountain on earth, Mauna Kea measuring 33,476 from the ocean floor. Mauna Loa is a close second and holds the additional claim as the largest volcano in the world. This living island range continues to grow, fascinating visitors with its actively flowing basalt lava. Most importantly, it creates a unique eco-system as its high elevation transforms arctic moisture to bountiful, pure rain and creates a home to thousands of endemic species of flora, fauna and wildlife, many at risk of extinction.

Recently, a US Geological Survey concluded that the waters of Kea’au are among the purest in the world. Hawaiian Springs—proudly bottled at the source; one that is like no other on Earth.

Endless Rainfall

One of the most prolific rain sources in the world, the slopes feeding the Kea’au aquifer capture almost 200 inches of pure rainwater per year. This translates into 1.38 billion gallons per day, which in about a week could provide all the bottled water consumed each year in America!

Arctic moisture traveling thousands of miles on the trade winds, converts to bountiful rain or snow as it hits these mountain slopes replenishing the earth, the sea, and the aquifers 8,000 to 12,000 feet below. Hawaiian Springs is sourced from these rains and snow, capturing its purity and freshness in every sip.

Volcanic Filtration

Traveling downhill, the billions of gallons of pure rainwater that fall on Mauna Loa percolate through nature’s ideal filter—13,000 feet porous lava—for added purity. One of nature’s miracles, the porous lava acts like a sieve as it captures much of the rainfall, the balance returned to nature through evaporation or as run off into Hilo Bay.

With minimal human interference or mechanical processing, Hawaiian Springs artesian water is certified to be naturally free of heavy metal, chemical or excessive mineral content. Clear and pure from start to finish, there’s nothing complicated about Hawaiian Springs.

Source Sustainability

The Hawaiian Springs Kea’au aquifer has a recharge rate of 395 million gallons per day according to the State of Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management (2008).

How much is that? It’s enough pure water to supply all the bottled water consumed each year in America in 32.4 days! Think that’s crazy, how about all the world’s yearly bottled water consumption in 5.9 months! Now that’s sustainable!

With an approved sustainable use rating of 744 million gallons per day (mgd), Hawaiian Springs’ source (the N.E. Mauna Loa system) is the most robust in Hawaii and one of the healthiest in the world. In fact, the overall Big Island aquifer system has a sustainable use rate of 2,410 mgd – that’s over 3.4 trillion liters of pure artesian water each year!

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